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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Barking mad

Lessons for Liberals by George Will


Among the heroes of liberalism's civil war of 60 years ago was Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who today is 88. He stigmatized their anti-anti-communism as ``doughface-ism.'' [Peter] Beinart explains: ``The original doughfaces were 'Northern men with Southern principles' -- Northerners who opposed slavery, but who could not bring themselves to support the Civil War.'' Today's doughfaces are ``progressives'' who flinch from the fact that, as Beinart says, ``America could not have built schools for Afghan girls had it not bombed the Taliban first.''


Hey, George, we'd like to build a school in your neighborhood. Naturally, this means we're going to have to murder your family. Don't flinch, George. It's obvious you are a real man who understands things. Think of the schools, George. Just think of them!

Peter, looks like your neighborhood school is getting a bit scuffed up. We've got the AK-47s and some paint, just let us know when you'll be in.

(excerpt courtesy of the aptly named RealClearPolitics)

It's just like a wingnut to reach for the dumbed down version of history and still manage to make a complete botch of it.
A. Doughfaces (more often that not) supported Slavery. As Scruggs says, botched.

B. When I heard it, I was looking at a picture of Franklin Peirce on the C-SPAN screen, and I thought it was spelled Doe-Face.

C. Pro-war Types are (inevitably) going to become more and more unhinged and grasping the longer Bush maintains his positions that 1) things are getting better, and, 2) we are on the only acceptable course of action.

D. For the price of one war in Iraq we could have built 40,000 USD5,000,000 schools. We could have placed them in the "Top 50 Up and Coming" countries which aren't that rich, but have governments which seem to be decreasingly corrupt and increasingly republican. That would be about 1,000 5Mil schools for each of these countries.
Hey Josh. Thanks for the comment. Astounding, isn't it, when you start thinking about our spending priorities? A society that spends ...wait, there has never been a country that spends the percentage of its funds on the military. We are batshit in ways never before seen.

Bellow it with me, Josh: We're NO. 1 !!
Perhaps we should install a school at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, right after we educate George Will.

Al-Queda was attempting to install a school at the Pentagon...
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