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Monday, July 17, 2006

A message from Corporate Jesus

Let's not lose sight of the most important thing. Corporations are making record profits, and CEO compensation is on average 450 times greater than that of the average worker. Some Executive branch accomplishments (props to Congress too): Bankruptcy Bill, Medicare Drug Bill, rolling back regulations, not enforcing existing regulations, appointing industry officials to oversee regulatory agencies, censoring scientific data that doesn't agree with policy, Clean Air Initiative, Healthy Forest Act, started 2 wars, increased military spending and contracting, defeated minimum wage increase, covertly approving illegal wage workers, and large scale spying on individuals that includes the purchasing of records from Corporations.

What we must remember is that it is only individuals that can become terrorists. There were no Corporations among the 9/11 hijackers!! Therefore it only makes sense that we watch any suspicious activity that threatens Corporate profits or the entrenched power structure. After all, freedom isn't free. Sometimes you have to pay for your freedom with your freedom.

Please continue to conduct all business as usual.

A nice find courtesy of the Tutor.

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