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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hitting the street as leviathan surfaces

I think Chris Floyd and Kurt Nimmo are two of today's most important writers, who also happen to be bloggers. They uncover the thinking and the strategies of the brutal, remorseless killers seeking to further a hideous New World Order -- and the suffering caused by their global ripoff. Every exposure to conventional media whitewashes the reality. Every visit to Floyd's Empire Burlesque and Nimmo's Another Day in the Empire bring it howling back into clarity.

Today in particular, Floyd has a report on the neocon's openly admitted plan for using death squads, as were used in El Salvador and elsewhere, to foment chaos and terrorize opposition in a "a global free-fire zone." Floyd's piece draws on the work of Seymour Hersh, another important writer.

Call me an old hippie (although born about 15 years too late), a certidude, or delusional, but I will be attending the Southern Regional March for Peace in Iraq/Justice at Home.

And yes, we shall overcome. Someday.

thanks for resource-sharing

ill definitely bookmark those two blogs
you're welcome, Rob.
How did the Southern Regional March go? Nice weather? Decent turn-out? We have to keep demonstrating, but sometimes it feels pretty fruitless. Glad you went.

I really hate to admit this, but a friend, who I've known since my early 20s and lived with for a while back then too, asked me to help him move Sat. afternoon. So I missed it. He actually moved to a location very close to where the marchers gathered, so I was close to it and there in spirit. Saw a good sign: Save Our Humans.
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