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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'll wake up in the morning and read about 50 of our soldiers dying in five days...and will automatically wonder how many Iraqi children died during those same five days, and then I will think about what I did over the past five days and feel completely ashamed and guilty that I have so much and they had so little...yet still we took it away.

"When nothing's what you've got, Nothing means a lot." Still, we take it away from them.

Why? Why? Can anybody out there tell me WHY this is happening? Does George W. Bush have THAT MUCH POWER?

How could we give power to a murderer? Why aren't we out in the streets? Where is everybody?


elaine in Petaluma


800 Civilians Feared Dead in Fallujah

”our estimate of 800 civilians is likely to be too low.” -- Red Cross Official.

I'll tell you why, Elaine.

Because it is what the American taxpayers want.

What do you think would happen if the government announced that they would be spending 80 million tax dollars to fund mandatory nude exotic dance classes for 7th grade girls?

Or provide all-you-can-eat health care to single moms making under $30K a year, and their kids?

How long (in hours) do you think it would be before Washington looked like attempted coup day in Caracas on steroids?
Elaine represents an individual American, and, for me, a lot more truth than your statement here. I don't think reducing the answer to Elaine's question to "Americans are stupid and brutal," while obviously true for some, is very productive. Quite the opposite. It cuts off thinking, as does this hyperbole from Xymphora:

"The only possible reason which explains the attack on Falluja and the attitude of Americans towards it is that Americans like to see dead Muslims. I think the American people owe the German people an apology. Unimaginable evil can happen anywhere, and with remarkable ease."

I feel compelled to point out that demagoguery such as this is WHY governments can get away with their crimes. I should also point out that the American people are not evil; they are not informed, not aware.
Well, Bruce, I don't blame you one bit for not answering the question about the health care or the exotic dance classes.

I don't agree with the characterization of Americans as stupid, mindless, paralyzed moral cripples who are unable to make decisions about what they want as a society.

Americans have considered the consequences, decided that their desires are worth it, and made their choices.

Brutal sure. Look how they treat their own underclass, their own kids, their own elders.

Stupid? Not within the cultural context of the American affluent class.

They don't consider it stupid if it makes them money.
who are these "Americans" you speak of?
Stupid, mindless, moral cripples? Did I say that? Does that characterize Elaine? Fuck no. Yet she is an American. See the problem?
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