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Monday, November 15, 2004

Democracy is coming to the USA

Release date still to be determined

A couple more election-theft-related links from Rigorous Intuition (did I mention it's one of the best sites on the net?).

The first is from Chuck Herrin, who does computer security stuff. He shows you how easy it is to hack the Diebold tabulation computers. Note, this means hacking is done at a more central, and hence more believable, location.

He concludes:

Would you trust your bank account balance if their systems were this easy to hack? As a result of my hands on testing, I have absolutely no faith that my vote was counted or will be in future elections where this software is used. It is simply too easy to change! Any motivated insider or Hacker of moderate skill can change hundreds of thousands of votes with very little effort and almost no chance of being caught.

The best part is that if anyone tries to question the results, you can ridicule them and call them sore losers! Conspiracy theorists! But won’t this be caught in a recount? Check this out - with the new machines, YOU CAN’T DO A RECOUNT! There’s no paper trail. It’s the perfect crime.

This is the democracy we’re exporting to the rest of the world.

The other is from Jeff by way of Buzzflash. It's The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy, by Dr Steven Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania. Go read. Dr. Freeman knows how to say "bullshit" in a more measured and statistically sound way than I do.

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