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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Relax. No Doom. Watch TV.

Inspector Lohmann's "Panic Induction Stress State Of National Unity Alert Logo [PISSONUAL]" chart (see graphic at right) reminds us that now that the "election" is over, no one seems very concerned about a terrorist attack. There's no feeling of threat being communicated through the media. No hype, no videos, no concern at all. Official threat level at the middle-range "elevated." It had been at orange -- "high" -- since August.

It's such transparent manipulation that there are numerous parodies out there, but Lohmann's is one of the best takeoffs because it skewers the whole they-who-rule, propaganda-minister mindset, not just the gimmick.

It was just after the November 3 concession by Kerry that Lohmann changed the PISSONUAL chart to white, the "Halleiluia" level. That would be the highest, or should I say "most high," level.

Yeah, "watch TV" for further instructions. That way you'll know we've switched from "fear month" to "hate week." For you conservatives, it's now more than okay to hate liberals. For you liberals, hate back, because look how much the masses hate you.

The fear has kept millions from questioning the Iraq war; the hate will keep millions more from questioning the election.

You didn't think you were being victimized by psyops only through the Department of Homeland Security, did you?

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