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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Prove It On Paper

Before the election, the major media was all atwitter about the possibility of vote count disputes. After the election, the story was reduced to one issue -- Ohio provisional ballots. Kerry played along, taking cover in this one barely examined vote question to concede without a fight.

But we don't need Kerry. Never did. He needed us however. As does any leader who in theory is a public representative. Time for the public to represent.

While the major media shifts on que to other matters, it's time for the public to demand: Prove It On Paper

excerpt:[check out the graphs at this link]

Hey, fellow Americans! How 'bout them elections?

Have you been hearing people trying to console themselves with such platitudes as "we'll just have to work harder!' or "Next time around we'll include more people in our coalition" or "We need to talk about spirituality more: it's what middle Americans care about more than anything." Baloney! Millions of Americans, sick to death of Bush, stood in line for hours in the cold and gave Kerry a victory. But in the crucial states of Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico, the substantial leads by Kerry in the exit polls turned into Bush victories when the votes came out of the touchscreen, paperless voting machines.

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