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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Television is ghastly

And Aaron Brown is the antichrist.

For my money, there is no better example of the banality of evil than Aaron Brown. The man sits in his comfortable little studio. He seems to think he is “covering” something, a news man telling you “the way it is.” So reasonable, erudite.

And yet, in his low-key way, he is every bit as jingoistic as Sean Hannity. Neither know nor care what is happening in Iraq or anywhere else in the world. Neither have the mental capacity nor courage to see what is happening.

I happened to watch a bit on CNN two nights ago, and I’m still in shock, because what I saw so clearly illustrates the unreality foisted upon an unsuspecting populace as a fait accompli by moral midgets.

So I punch in CNN on the remote, and there’s Brown “whipping” around the globe. He introduces a reporter who shows us the now-famous video from Fallujah, in which we see what it looks like when you’re the pilot who drops a bomb on a crowd of people. The casual, routine nature of the "operation" is chilling.

Before and after the airing of the footage, the video becomes the backdrop for the reporter, electronic wall paper.

And the discussion between Brown and the reporter, after a brief chat about whether the Iraqis were civilians or insurgents (even though it's obviously NOT a concern for the military), is about how the video got out, and how it had been circulating on the Internet. And that’s when Mr. Brown decides to “editorialize,” and “show a little humanity,” by wondering aloud, in that insipid way of his, about “the world.” Yes, to reflect on the PROCESS by which the video became news.

The lives snuffed out do not even register.

And people wonder what’s wrong with America.

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