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Friday, October 01, 2004

Kerry in a TKO

That's exactly the opposite of what the pundit's are saying about tonight's debate. Nearly every one is calling the debate a draw. But there's no question Kerry finally aimed his swift boat for the spot between Bush's eyes.

And those eyes were wide tonight. Bush looked like a deer in headlights, at one point blinking dumbfounded into the camera for several seconds. He repeated his mantras over and over, as if they must be true because he’s said them dozens of times and no one has questioned them.

It was obvious the man has little connection with the facts on the ground, any ground. All we learned is that spreading freedom, unlike peanut butter, is hard work, mainly because there are people in the world called “terrorists” who exist for the sole purpose of attacking freedom when they see it start to spread.

Ok, that last bit about terrorists describes U.S. foreign policy, but I’ll be damned if Kerry didn’t stand up there, confident, composed, articulate, and sketch a picture of a world in need of less belligerence – he even called unequivocally for a halt to mini-nuke development – and more inclusive and constructive dialogue.

He said we would not construct permanent bases in Iraq (hasn’t he been briefed on the Peak Oil thing?).

He had command of details that were notably lacking in Bush’s meanderings which strung together various ways of saying, “I did Iraq, I’m doing Iraq, and I’m gonna keep doing it, because it makes us safer. And it's hard work.” Lalala lalala.

Yeah, it was a slamdunk. Bush is a complete wuss. It should be obvious to the American people after tonight.


(note: I’m off for an annual trip to the mountains with friends, be back here Monday, hopefully.)

have a great time! :)
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