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Friday, October 08, 2004

Every Friday

Chris Floyd cranks out a new Global Eye column, always detailing in lucid prose the machinations of American empire, well illuminating the horrific implications. (note: his column is only up free of charge for about a day now)

Despite the public flip-flop, the Bush-Hastert torture measure is still very much alive in the congressional sausage-factory. But whatever its eventual fate, it has already served its larger purpose. Bush was hoisted into office by a corrupt elite openly committed to imposing "full-spectrum dominance" over world affairs, by any means necessary -- including decades of "pre-emptive" war. Such a thoroughgoing program requires the coarsening of an entire society, the creation of a more war-like people willing to countenance state terrorism on a massive, sustained scale. "This is who we are now," the rendition bill, like the Iraq War, says about the United States; "this is what we stand for: torture, murder, aggression, brute force."


The great political cartoon Karl and King George publishes every Friday too.

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