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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cutting through the bullshit

(including my own)

Kurt Nimo, Another Day in the Empire

Debates? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Debates

Debates are less than worthless.

In fact, they are noxious, even harmful.

Debates convince millions of us that these “candidates” actually care about something other than what multinational corporations, AIPAC, and lobbyists tell them to care about.


Bush, Kerry Debate the Best Way to Kill Iraqis

Bush, the shorter aspirant for Crusader-in-Chief, deprived of his earpiece for the evening, haltingly struggled with the words on his cue cards outlining his familiar if barely coherent argument that America does not need to share any more of its Iraqi oil money than it is already doing, while the taller multimillionaire reiterated his usual position that it would be cheaper to offer generous cuts of the war loot to several other countries in exchange for their loan of expendables to do more of the wetwork.

The only candidates allowed to participate in the infotainment extravaganza were those sanctioned by the two "parties" funded by the corporate oligarchy, and rare the American viewer, and even rarer the voter who is even aware that any other option exists save having the United States defined by a bestial horde of torturers and sexual predators, who roam the globe at the command of their warlords.

Both candidates essentially agree that the earth, its people and its resources are the property of the United States, and anyone anywhere who begs to differ with this view constitutes a grave and imminent danger to important US business interests, and must be murdered posthaste.

Mike Golby, YBLOG ZA

No Questions Asked

Read the transcript and listen to the subtext. bush is on song; shadowbush remains...well, shadowbush (with a finger reminding me of P.W. Botha in his heyday). Not that it matters. Neither will be inclined to mess with a neocon agenda forty years in the planning and execution. Should shadowbush triumph and ever find himself inclined to do so, he and those he brings in ("Who are these guys?") will be assassinated. The neocons believe in their cause and they are comfortable with extrajudicial methods.

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