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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More on Kerry's problem

The slogan "War is not the answer" can be extended like a brand. Seymour Hersh comes out with his book on the prison scandal, he finally gets a mainstream outlet or two to talk to him about it, and Kerry can come out and say "Torture is not the answer."

The subject is that no one in the administration has been fired over 9/11 lapses, the Abu Ghraib situation..."No accountability is not the answer."

And why not "A $477 billion deficit is not the answer"? You don't even have to mention the phony war on terra.

You take a phrase that liberals and progressives have used and given exposure, and you make it your own. You bring it into the mainstream.

A real leader could do it, a courageous leader. Too bad we have a candidate who can't take this stand because his actions show he is a "go along to get along" warmonger.

To be fair, the candidate has many repectable positions on the terror issue.
hehe. yeah, I despise Dick. He and Kerry, so damn mediocre. Yet Kerry is elevated by the DNC. And he surrounds himself with the mediocre like this Bob Shrum character as campaign advisor. In a New Yorker article about the Kerry campaign, Shrum says he doesn't believe you sell a president like a product! Can he really be that stupid?
Mediocrity is a selling point. By electing a truly awful president, voters are sticking it to the Man. A vote for Kerry is like a rebel yell at a snooty cocktail party! If you ever felt the need to fart in elevator full of uptight liberal suits, Kerry is the candidate who can make it happen. We have to move beyond the policies of think tank scholars with permanent wedgies. We need the man who gave them the wedgies. Vote for Kerry, the shits and giggles candidate who kicks terrorist ass.
hey, here's another....Scientists come out against Bush. Bush is against stem cell research, no plan for Iraq peace..."Blind faith is not the answer."



It's not like we can't back up these assertions, so why the hell shouldn't we scream them over and over -- and be ready to prove them? Are we afraid? I'm afraid NOT to call these scumsucking traitors what they are: even if it feels like suicide to stand up to the traitors, I'd contend that NOT doing so IS suicide...

Stanley Hilton falls on a hand grenade for America
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