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Friday, September 03, 2004

RNC wrapup

A few observations on the RNC, which I mostly watched for the past two nights (and which has ruined my week).

-- 9/11. At least three fourths of the convention was about 9/11, war, and the fear of threats to our safety.

-- For all the seriousness and solemnity one would think 9/11 would evoke, there was an awful lot of laughing, jeering and cheering. Tasteless exploitation because it “feels good.”

-- The “People of Compassion” slogan should have been completed with “are outside Madison Square Garden.”

-- What mostly came through when Bush and Cheney spoke was a naked desire for power and control, and a condescension, if not contempt, for both their opposition and their cult followers (i.e. all of humanity).

-- The cult. A cult of extremism. Reactionary. Smug. Oblivious to its crass stupidity.

-- The disconcerting feeling that something is very wrong when this cult is accepted as normal. There is a very large elephant in the room, and it is not benign.

-- The Republicans know how to produce propaganda – regular repetition of short films designed to humanize Bush, a “reporter” on the floor of the hall, and bald lies, because why the hell not?

And one note on the rest of the campaign:

-- The lesser evil *is* lesser. That *does* mean something. These people must be stopped. Kerry needs to fight and fight hard, starting now.

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