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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The not-so-happy tutor


But, it is also true, that when people are convinced of a future, it tends to happen, because they adjust themselves to it. "Your cause it hopeless, your will in this prison, your work will be forgotten; we will rule for 1,000 years." Such remarks are meant to become true by destroying hope. Today many believe that "nothing can be done" about neoliberalism, it just is. And that becomes a self-fulliflling counsel of despair. The counter-myth is Emergence, that from our entrepreneurial Ayn Randish selfishness God's will be done. There seems on all sides an agreement that we cannot posit a goal and work towards, that indirect consequences will prevail, and that all is in the lap of the gods. You see that in a remark made in passing on an email is by Lenore Ealy, that we can only hope to make "small changes."

Well, folks, let me tell you another truth. In wealth planning circles it is a cliche, first adumbrated by Paul Schervish at Boston College, that the rich are "super agents" and create their own realms. They don't give to a college; they start one (Templeton College at Oxford.) They don't work for a business, in a market, they create new market and new way of doing business (ebay); they don't pay taxes, they get the tax repealed (estate tax); they don't curry favor with politicians, they get their son elected President. They don't trade in pounds, they corner the market and nearly bankrupt the Crown (Soros). They don't bitch about the news, they create FOX News as part of a much larger empire that drives the right wing message from Borneo to Toledo. The don't complain about westerm imperialism, they train terrorists and start the endgame (Osama).

The Logos - ok. But the wealthiest do not wait for the holy spirit. They are the holy spirit on earth, they are in touch with god or the life force. And through strategic intervention, including strategic philanthropy, they do create large chunks of the world they want to live in.

We are waiting around for Emergence, while those who can make it Emerge left or right are fighting for the wheel. We in the back seat chatter, about how the system is self regulating. BS. The system is a pyramid where most of the power is way over our heads. You want to read tomorrows news tonight, go to Heritage or AEI.

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