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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A Lime Was Having Sex with a Lemon

On a candy wrapper at BlondeSense.

You can also read Pissed Off Patricia over there. I used to look forward to her words at Public Domain Progress (and yours too, Michael), but now she's at BlondeSense. A Floridian, she got hit by hurricane Frances, but she's okay. (Glad to hear it, Patricia.)

BlondeSense pointed out an interesting conversation, on TV no less, between Pat Buchanan and Tim Russert, which included this priceless quote:

MR. BUCHANAN: This is the fundamental point. Are they attacking us because of who we are and what they believe or are they attacking us because of what we do? I believe it is our policies, not our principles that are causing these attacks. Osama bin Laden wasn't sitting in some cave in Afghanistan and stumble on the Bill of Rights and go bananas. It is because of what we are doing. Most fundamentally, it wasn't Israel number one. Number one, Saudi Arabia, female soldiers, American soldiers sitting there on the land of Mecca and Medina.

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