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Thursday, September 16, 2004

From Typewritergate to Al Qaeda

it’s the same – direct attention away from the damaging truth.

A former aide to Senator Bob Dole, Stanely Hilton, is bringing a lawsuit -- "U.S. Taxpayers, et al Vs. Bush, et al" – charging Bush, Cheney, Rice, Mueller, Tenet, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft with complicity in 9/11.

The Blogging of the President has a link to an audio download of an Alex Jones interview with Hilton, plus more information on his lawsuit. I listened in and took some notes (not meant to reflect exact wording, but faithful to what was said):

We have evidence, documentary, witnesses, that officials in the pentagon, military, airforce say there were many drills, rehearsals for 9/11 before it happened. That’s why Bush says he saw the first plane hit the building on video. We have docs that say Bush ordered 9/11.

There were drills that morning – that was the smokescreen for the stand-down. 5 or 6 of these, one for exactly what was happening on that morning.

(They’ve released an official NORAD, “is this real world, or an exercise?” – ed.)

There were 35 drills for two months before 9/11. On 9/11 Bush thought it was a drill. That’s the only explanation for why he appeared nonchalant.

All planned. He’s guilty of treason and mass murder.

Now they are using the chief justice to harass and threaten me personally.

They had all these drills. They admit it, but their defense has been, it was a surprise. We didn’t know.

(“Maybe you better publicly declare that you’re not planning suicide,” says Jones.)

So obvious to me that without any doubt this is a gov. operation and amounts to the biggest act of treason.

NSC docs indicate Bush ordered 9/11. Part of series of docs part of the drill docs. These planes were flown by remote control. Computer chip in nose allows military to take control of plane. Docs indicate the green light to order this to go. No drill. The drills were clearly a dress rehearsal.

Passenger jets were involved in one drill.

You make the people focus on the decoy -- the 19 highjackers -- while the guilty person is sitting in the oval office.

Many believe he is a puppet and in many ways he is. The fact is Bush personally ordered.

The media interested in maintaining the official gov. fantasy.

These Arabs couldn’t even steer those planes down the runway.

Stakes are high when you have a world historical case of treason.

They are laying low now because of increasing number of people who are challenging them.

Zogby poll. Half of new Yorkers think government knew about it. Any thinking person who looks at it…

They are not dumb individuals. That’s why they have the Patriot Act. They have to have political oppression. Every criminal gov. has done this. Nazi Germany, Moa Tse-Tung…etc. you have to have this mechanism in the law.

Their goal is a one party dictatorship. Pursue their political ends with their blood brothers, Saudi Arabia.

Detention camps at the RNC, setting the precedent for martial law.

The irony is the number one terrorist in the world is sitting in the white house. World record for hypocrisy, sheer brazen chicanery and fraud.

Painful to know who these people are, to see them put America in a shredder. Forced mental health testing. It’s all happening in our face.

I’ve studied the psychology and history of totalitarianism. World empire dominated by technological means to dominate not only their own country but the world.

Must show the people and force them to face this horror.

Who knows what they will do next. Their capacity for ingenuous creation of these events. My guess is they will try another tactic to get people’s attention away from 9/11. Another stunt to win election although it seems he’s running against a straw man, a ghost.

Enough people will get outraged and they will be exposed.

Their whole operation depends on us being naïve and not recognizing evil.

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