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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting. You could try Matt's Waste of Your Time, a blog about writing.

Sorry for the lack of reading! Even answering. Complications, life, time. Here's my belated answer to your delightful comment to the Schoolyard of Forever:


after our wedding, my wife and i made a mixed CD and gave it to all the guests. the Last Laugh was the ending track. one of my favorite songs. always loved the sound of the last laugh going down. ;-)"
Isn't that a great song? So simple and so true. I had actually been listening to it quite a bit lately after pointing another friend to it on facebook. It never gets old.

Anyway, no worries. Besides, you can't get rid of me that easy.
Yah, Knopfler is quite the thing. Ever hear his song, "Devil Baby?" I have, in complete seriousness, told my wife to play that song at my funeral if at all possible.

I assume you have the whole Sailing to Philadelphia album. Absolute gem, masterful, and the title track about Mason and Dixon getting seasick on the way to do the surveying was brilliant, and completely lost on the pre-9/11 US audience. It was not lost on me, nor my recently met wife at the time.

Knopfler's intricate guitar work, his ability to pay homage instrumentally, to climb inside multiple genres is stunning. In one song he combines delta slide blues whilst nodding to the everly brothers, bluegrass, and himself. He's able to weave atmospherics just as effectively with his lyrics, such as with the dangerous, densely packed "What It Is," set atop a beery dance hall violin screeing away an all-night back-line.

I'm going to put it on now, work be damned. ;-)
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