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Friday, June 26, 2009

Could it be more obvious?

I applaud the Iranian people expressing their desire for change. We certainly have that in common. I mean, take Obama. Please. You can have him, because he used that desire to become the new front man for the Oligarchy that has the real power and control. A mafia and their consigliere.

We also have in common that no matter what we do, short of complete refusal to allow the machinery to continue to operate, we will not get anything remotely close to change for the better. We'll get propaganda. We'll get continuing wars by whatever means -- media manipulation, fomented problems (election theft, currently), brain-washing storylines, and solutions that have already been decided upon -- new freedom-limiting laws, new wars, less tolerance for dissent.

Iran's election and three towers falling at free fall into their own footprints have much in common -- lots of behind the scenes activity directing events into a confluence that erupts into the media and your consciousness as the latest outrage by those Middle Eastern haters of freedom.

Predictably, the solution to Iran's internal problem, of which so far there is far less proof than the two stolen elections by the U.S. "Council of Experts" (2000) and by U.S. extremists (2004), is the same as has been the plan all along -- isolate them, i.e. soften them up before sending in the military.

Obama, Merkel Say Iran May Face Global Isolation

By Roger Runningen and Kate Andersen

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Iran’s government to halt the violent crackdown on demonstrators and said the Persian Gulf nation must be blocked from gaining a nuclear weapon.

Obama, speaking at a joint news conference with Merkel at the White House, called the Iranian government’s response to protests over the June 12 presidential elections “outrageous.”

“A government that treats its own citizens with that kind of ruthlessness and violence and that cannot deal with peaceful protesters who are trying to have their voices heard in an equally peaceful way I think has moved outside of universal norms,” Obama said.

Merkel said the Iranian people have a right “to have their votes be counted” and to see that the election results are substantiated.

Both leaders said Iran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon and that there will continue to be attempts to engage the government in Tehran on that issue. Obama repeated his warning that a nuclear weapon in Iran would trigger an arms race in the Middle East that would destabilize the region.

Merkel said the Iranian nuclear program “must be stopped.”


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