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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The flu-over

As a trained conspiracy theorists (logged over one million internet surfing hours a while back), I feel it's my duty to inform you that my nefarious activity alarms have been flashing for a few days now. What has really got it clanging is the low-flying "air force one" photo op over Manhattan. The story as reported makes no sense and is shrouded in classified directives and anonymous sources. However, through my fine grain conspiracy lens (obtained through an ad in the back of Rolling Stone), it clicks into focus as a Bush era operation to remind people of 9/11 (itself a Bush era operation). The kicker, of course, is the convenient timing, just as the media is buzzing with details and debate about the torture program emanating from the Bush White House.


This torture thing is getting dangerously out of hand (for the torturers), so another hit from Bush and Co. has been taken for a spin: a pandemic! Torture? Screw that, we're all gonna die! If the terrorists don't get you, the swine flu will! Do whatever it takes, oh government, just save us from the evil. Or the flu. Just don't torture pigs. Unless you have to.

(operational theories forthcoming, not here, elsewhere on the Internet)

Good one, Bruce. Thought your antennae would be twigging.

As the saying goes, "Washington is a one-issue town." That can be exploited.

Unfortunately or yes, it would take a new war to sidetrack the torture rails. And the H5N1 corona virus will become much more transmissible when it mutates in the presence of a traditional human virus.

Watching with interest.
We'll learn as much about that low-flying threat to NYC as we did about why the hell the nukes were flying around loose.

H5N1 will fade from view, until the media needs to another distraction. Hunter Thompson nailed it, as usual: Kingdom of Fear.
Kingdom of Fear, indeed. Are Americans so sheepish that they will let swine flu distract them from what is going on with their own leaders?
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