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Monday, November 03, 2008

Signs point to Obama landslide

Long lines and determined voters in Georgia

I talked to a neighbor the other day. Saw him on Halloween night when I rang his doorbell with my kids, a 9-year-old vampire and a six-year-old bat. I had noticed that his Obama yard sign was missing. I asked him about it and he confirmed that it had been stolen. Then he told me that he had already voted, earlier in the week. He said he stood in line for eight hours, and that he felt really good about casting his vote. He guessed that 90 percent of those waiting in line were Obama supporters.

A friend of ours brought us our yard sign. She had been getting them from the campaign headquarters in the neighboring county (Dekalb). I asked my neighbor if he wanted another yard sign. He said definitely. So I told him I was going to get some and I would bring one by. I had already decided to do this. I was also going to get one for his next-door neighbor, whose sign had also gone missing.

So Saturday I went to the office, picked up 10 signs, eight for a friend who was also distributing them and who wanted extras in case hers was stolen, again.

When I knocked on my neighbor's door on Saturday, he was home. I gave him the sign and we talked a bit about the election. After a few minutes, he brought up the same thing I had been thinking: Obama will win the general election, unless they steal it again. He even said Pennsylvania is the new Ohio, and Ohio was the new Florida. Guess you could say we're on the same wavelength on that one.

He said if the election is again stolen, he didn't know what he would do, maybe go out and lay down in the street. Then we both said we'd find out where the demonstration was and contribute.

He was a bit worried that his sign would again be absconded. As I left, he was wondering what he could do to prevent that. I told him that I hoped he did put it out, and that it would still make a statement, even if it did disappear.

I continued on to the house next door to deliver their sign. They weren't home, so I just planted it where the old one was. That way, they'd return home to a nice surprise.

A bit later, my younger daughter and I were out for a walk in the gorgeous 60-something-degree weather, and we saw our neighbor and his wife. She thanked us, and he said he had figured out where to put his sign. He said he needed to get his ladder out, because it was going on the top of his basketball goal.

So far it's still up there, out of reach of all but the most determined and deranged wingnut. His neighbor's yard sign remains where I put it as well.

Obama '08: American solidarity and ingenuity you can believe in.

Much better than an e-mail! Let's roll tomorrow.
It's 2:29 my time, and I'm a nervous wreck.
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