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Friday, October 31, 2008

November 4th can't come soon enough

I've been reading around the blogs, like usual. I look at my friends' sites, my favorite off-the-beaten track sites, and some of the high-traffic lefty sites. But it wasn't until today that I finally found a couple of posts that reflect my apprehension about this election.

A new blog to me, "The Rant by Tom Degan," echoes what I've been thinking: PA will be the new Ohio, which was the new Florida. Pennsylvania should be out of reach for McCain, yet he's spending a lot of time and money there. I checked, and the majority of Pennsylvania counties use the outrageously fraudulent DRE voting machines. Says Tom regarding Pennsylvania: "I don't know about you, but I smell a rat."

Go read his post. It begins, "These are going to be the longest five days in our entire lives." And it's blogging at its finest.

Meanwhile, Winter Patriot says all these polls saying the race is tightening, some even saying the battleground states are up for grabs, plus the constant drumbeat of "the Bradley effect" and "undecideds breaking for McCain" are nothing more than preparation for acceptance of a rigged result. His post is pointedly titled "The Fix Is In!"

How's that for a Halloween post?

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