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Friday, October 10, 2008

Re: William Ayers

If a person can never change for the better, if they are marked for life by stupid things they did in their youth, then our current president is a cowardly coke-head, John McCain is a reckless rich-boy drunk (though with plenty of wrecks in his history)and Palin is an air-headed local beauty pageant runner-up who had to shop around through five colleges until she found one lax enough to give her a degree. I guess that makes Obama a mixed-race child of a single mother who buckled down at his work, excelled in all of his classes at the best universities in the country and pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.

by greatnorthwoods October 10, 6:41 AM

Note to media: now that the McCain/Palin campaign have made William Ayers a media celebrity, it would be nice to hear from him. To go from a radical anti-war movement leader in the 1960s to a present-day University of Illinois at Chicago Distinguished Professor and elementary education theorist sounds like a great American life story to me.

Why won't the corporate media let the man speak for himself?

Because they are still terrified of him... this was a man who defied the corrupt national government, got away with it, then became a reputable educator/theorist ... they don't want someone like that speaking to the public because he defies their cartoonish depictions of terrorists.

I've seen him speak (and other former members of the Weatherman)--very good and inspiring.
Thank you for answering the question, Thivai.

I'm not surprised seeing Ayers speak was inspiring.

What an upside down world we live in, thanks to the unrelenting domination of corporate media and corporate power.
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