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Monday, November 24, 2008

Quarterback karma

Matt Ryan, starting rookie QB for the Atlanta Falcons

After letting one of the all-time great NFL quarterbacks get away in the early 90s, then suffering the Michael Vick meltdown more recently, the Atlanta Falcons may have finally got one right. They may have their hands on the next great signal caller.

By Boo Boo

[comment on a Mark Bradley column: Ryan Playing Like No Rookie Before Him]

November 24, 2008 12:54 AM | Link to this

The Falcons had one of the greats, back in 1991, but he got away. He threw four passes here that year (in regular season play), and completed two. Unfortunately, both were completed to the other team. Otherwise, the record shows 0 for 4 passing that year. That kid loved to drink and party, so the Falcons traded him to Green Bay. Now he plays for the Jets.

Watching SNF tonight and listening to John Madden, I heard him say, “Payton Manning is the best quarterback in pro football right now. You don’t leave him a minute on the clock, or he’ll beat you.” That was after the score was tied 20-20, with 1:30 left on the clock. He was right; but Peyton needed Harrison and Venitari to help out in the beating.

Matt Ryan has all the skills you want in a quarterback. He does the Peyton Manning-like study of his craft; and he is at least low-key about party time, if he parties at all during the season. Reading game reports and seeing how the other guys on the offensive team talk about doing their job right, you can’t help but see how having Matt Ryan in the huddle gives them confidence that if they do their job, something good will result. That is a true sign of a winner, because no one person wins a football game. A winner inspires others to help win.

You've been tagged"
Oh, my. You're a football fan. I didn't know that gun was loaded. It's cool, and I watch football like opera, but I had the impression you were a rational being.
Yeah, I guess you could call me that. But at least I can tell the difference between football games and war crimes.

I keep up with my home sports teams, mostly through the paper but I catch a game here and there. the game was on at a family gathering about a month ago, and Ryan threw a perfect pass with seconds to go to put the Falcons in field goal range and they won (against the Bears). Then I had the game on while doing chores weekend before last and actually sat down and watched a good bit of last week's game. Ryan has impressed the hell out of me.

But growing up -- yeah, I was a typical avid fan.

BTW, did you notice that the last two sentences in the quote describe our president-elect?

"That is a true sign of a winner, because no one person wins a football game. A winner inspires others to help win."
Shoot, Bruce,

I read this over Bird-day and thought I'd come back and commented.

Yes, the quote was beautiful, and it already occurred to me to rip it off for a post (so much to steal, so little time). Not too late, eh?
Ok, now that you responded, I guess I can start blogging again.
We play that game without the crash helmets over here. I guess it explains a couple of things...

Long time, Bruce ... I hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving.
I'm not a Falcons fan, just of great football, and I was ecstatic when Vick got sent upriver. Not because he killed dogs, but because he didn't understand the first thing about his job. All legs, no leadership.
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