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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pelosi: Obama should govern from the middle

(CNN) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday called on President-elect Barack Obama to govern from the middle, as her party sat poised to gain its widest House majority in 15 years.

Is there a more despicable Democrat than Nancy Pelosi? Except, perhaps, Harry Reid, her companion in congressional leadership cowardice?

Add this statement to her now-classic "Impeachment is off the table," which threw cold water on the 06 Democratic congressional victories.

Has she not heard the constant calls from Republicans for Obama to govern from the center-right, which they claim is the country's "true" middle? No doubt she has, and no doubt she agrees with it.

Why do we elect these people?

At least Reid once pissed off the mafia enough for them to car-bomb him. (Guess he learned his lesson.)

Pelosi. I really don't get it.
Please forgive the fancies of a mere foreigner who cannot imagine where the middle is, but I like the sound of a Government of National Unity.

As well as a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Maybe one day.
Hi Vincent,

well, my point was that the right has already made it clear that, despite the election results, they will accept unity if Obama governs as a center-right Republican, i.e. as a poll which we just rejected.

They are delusional, yet Nancy Pelosi is already singing to their tune. To my way of thinking, you aren't going to achieve consensus, or anything worthwhile, by starting out in the middle, which trust me, we are being told is center-right. Nancy Pelosi reveals once again that she has no principles, or even political instincts, whatsoever.

a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is just what we need, but I don't see how that could happen given our spineless Dems.
Well my dear Bruce, it strikes me that Obama is a strong man and one who has already acquired respect across the divide before he has even started his reign.

Do we not trust him to define where the middle shall be?

There is no reason why it should be center-right. The middle would be the point of maximum consensus. You cannot drag a donkey faster than it wants to go.

Please forgive my presumption.
Vincent, you're right about Obama. And consensus is a product of perception. That's why Nan needs to take Obama's lead, and not the other way around as she does here.

As I've tried to point out, she doesn't do so well on her own.
I was on the point of apologizing for speaking foolishly; not taking into account that your House of Representatives uses its majority how it wishes because it doesn't have to be answerable to the President.
Vincent, might this be...consensus?


It's going to be interesting over here.

Sorry about the last eight years. We're a woefully under-educated populace, and those who aren't are feeling battered and bruised.

Obama is remarkable in that he doesn't give into some of the worst impulses we feel toward the right.

Good luck, and good night.
Until "Stepnfetchit" Reid and "Nanny" Pelosi are ejected from their positions, it's hard for me to see how things get any better. They're both useless scum, every bit as useless as the moronic monkey himself.
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