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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why is the race tightening?

Because Obama is failing to clearly define a position on the left and is instead courting the muddled middle. The better course is to remain steadfastedly "left," "new," and proudly "liberal." The Republicans have shown that the winning strategy is to pull the center to you. Only then do you make progress (and they certainly have). Only then does "change" have any meaning. Only then will the undecideds and the independents understand and endorse you.

And McCain is gaining because the media is helping him.

See: Why McCain May Well Win
by Robert Parry

And the comment over there:

I think this article points out the obvious but fails to show the aspect of Obama’s campaign which makes his platform shaky. There is no doubt that the media is looking for juicy sound bytes. Why would they want a victory for Obama by clear margins when they can make it a close race by highlighting those aspects of his position reversal which will alienate his core supporters?

But the problem lies within Obama. He has indeed reversed his position on many issues which gave him the upper hand against Hillary who was made to look like a representative of the DC power structure. With her out of the way, Obama can now go back to the same power structure and embrace it whole-heartedly so that the one’s who fear the power of the left can also come under his banner.

Obama is making a calculated gamble which might just backfire. He is assuming that his status as “NOT A REPUBLICAN” is too strong to alienate his core constituency of liberal voters of the democratic party. I think the damage caused to the country by Bush and the GOP in the last 8 years plus the guilt of making a mistake for the 2nd time 4 years back makes people forgive his change in stance on core issues. However, we had similar issues back in 2004 and Kerry looked like a winner until the last few days of attacks from the GOP and manipulation of the electorate system stole the elections away from Kerry.

Its quite possible it will happen again and no one else but Obama will be blamed for it. All these BO apologists fail to recognize the fact that Obama is not a “change” candidate but rather a establishment candidate who does what his financiers want him to do.

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