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Monday, July 28, 2008

But at least they're not Republicans

The Democratic Party is responsible for the demise of the left in America.

By demonizing real left candidates like Nader, instead of adopting his policy ideas, this incredibly corrupt party became a cynical version of the Republicans, only more menacing and hypocritical.

tetti_tatti July 28th, 2008 1:51 pm

-- Americans Move Left, New York Times Misses It by Jeff Cohen, Common

Nader as a leftist is a fairy tale, as much of a fairy tale as Chimpy's courage or McCavein's independence.

When Nader sold his soul to Chimpy and the RNC just so he could get another 15 minutes, he ceased to exist as an advocate for anything but Ralph Nader. Who you take your cash and support staff from DOES matter.
wow, you have a problem with that? sold his soul? hahahahaha. that cracks me up. The work he is doing is for his OWN benefit? Please. The Ralph Nader ego myth is one of the biggest sell jobs ever. Of course he has an ego, he's running for President. But why he runs is plain as day: to make Democrats actually work for their votes.
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