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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Obama hit parade

Obama will be better than McCain but will change little. He will, however, be great for the right wing and its corporate media. In our politics, we're always on a war footing, and Obama, due to his strength as a politician, will be red meat for conservatives and the mass manipulators who will stoke the hatred (and jealousy at his skills) by blaming all of America's coming economic woes on the Democratic president and his party.

I can't wait for 2012.

But for right now, I invite you to read John Pilger's "Obama, The Prince Of Bait-And-Switch" in which he writes:

In the New York Times on 14 July, in an article spun to appear as if he is ending the war in Iraq, Obama demanded more war in Afghanistan and, in effect, an invasion of Pakistan. He wants more combat troops, more helicopters, more bombs. Bush may be on his way out, but the Republicans have built an ideological machine that transcends the loss of electoral power – because their collaborators are, as the American writer Mike Whitney put it succinctly, "bait-and-switch" Democrats, of whom Obama is the prince.

When others on the comment thread agree with Pilger, an Obama supporter responds:

Here we go again. The peanut gallery of armchair politicians on what they would do if running for president.

First of all, Obama would never have made it this far if he ran on a Ron Paul platform. Honorable, yes. But will it get you the job? No.

Obama will do whatever it takes to win the election. Once in office, he can change what he wants - within limits of executive privilege.

Just as Bush made promises - as does every other candidate - once in office, he shocked us all with his rush to war, setting up friends in critical positions, doing every criminal act possible short of actual murder and doing next to nothing that he promised.

Frankly, being a black man running for the highest office, Obama has to tread carefully through the landmines, nooses and pitfalls. It's a miracle he got this far.

What he is doing now is gaining as much support as possible to win an election that is most likely rigged. He will have to win by a landslide.

The peanut gallery would best support our democratic candidate by ceasing the divisiveness of the party. He's not perfect, but he's our best chance right now. If he wins this election, I think we will have a better chance of survival.

Right now, we have one foot dangling over the cliff. Bashing Obama will definitely send us crashing over the cliff...
deepseas | 07.24.08 - 7:04 pm | #

This peanut has seen who Obama is and who he works for and with (he's a communist and wasn't even born in this country!! kidding), and has no illusions.

The need to break up the two wings of the one corporate party charade is well documented by Jesus del Norte at Church and Empire. Go read it, but I'll give you the concluding graph:

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be ended, and future wars prevented, only through a decisive and irreparable break with the Democratic Party and the independent mobilization of the American and international working class in a struggle against war and the capitalist system that is its root cause.

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