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Friday, July 11, 2008

Great argument for supporting Ralph Nader

This is a post by Bill Nerin from

I have been supporting Nader all along and today will give some more.

We humans live in systems as all living creatures do. And these systems either work for us or against us.

Today our political, economic, environmental, health and civil systems are in disrepair, if not irreparably broken. When my complex plumbing system in my home is broken, it can either be repaired or needs to be replaced.

I have come to the conclusion that some of our systems need to be replaced; they are beyond repair.

The growing wealthy one to two percent of nation together with the powerful national and international corporations run this country. They are in control of our vital interests. And they buy and own our politicians, be they Republicans or Democrats. They own the propaganda machine called the mass media.

Through this powerful combination they are able to sell, persuade, delude the masses to work against their own well being. They sell us that our living is good, and if not quite so good, it will certainly improve tomorrow with a tweak here and a twist there. And in doing so the heads of corporations remunerate themselves up to some 513 times greater than their lowest employees and make sure their taxes are lowered. Their salesmanship through their propaganda machine has convinced Americans that someday "I can be that rich."

In all this they are clever enough to "give bread to the people" so there will not be a revolution. However on the other hand sometimes their greed and sense of power often lead them into stupidity as exemplified by King George III of England whose actions aroused the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. (Ironically, our white European Founding Fathers, in their own blindness did the very same thing in occupying by force the land of the Native Americans, actually calling them "merciless Indian Savages" in the fourth to last paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Yes, that's true as I read the entire Declaration this Fourth of July! In reading it I could substitute "Indian" or "African Slaves" in the place of all the "we" in the Declaration of Independence and it would also have made perfect sense.)

Have the powerful of our nation finally succumbed to the kind of stupidity of King George III. Not yet, I think, but close to it as symbolized by the new George the Bush they put into power in 2000 and 2004. It is interesting how some of the more intelligent conservatives are now trying to correct some of Bush's abuses, the latest being the effort of James Baker and Warren Christopher to make it harder for a President to march off to war by seducing the Congress. Are they afraid that the populace has reached their limits and "the bread" is getting scarce? They do not want a revolution to upset their apple cart.

I have finally come to the conclusion that the current two party system is now broken beyond repair. A new Party is needed; Independents are needed. I have been leaning toward that conclusion with the Democrat's refusal to hold Bush and Cheney accountable for their criminal actions. But the final blow came today when the Democrats, including Obama who has been turning right center since he won the Primary, caved in on the FISA bill. I have no hope for these two Republican and Democratic Parties. As I said earlier, the moneyed interests of our country have bought them. This country is on a downward spiral. The Republicans and Democrats of the 70's held Nixon accountable for behavior far less egregious than that of the present President. Today I heard on the news that the approval for Congress is in the single digits; a first I think since such polls have been taken!

So what do I do? I will vote for Nader. His life has been consistent with his words!

I fear not an Obama loss to McCain; I fear not such a loss will fill the Supreme Court with the likes of Alito and Roberts. If the Democrats in Congress wanted to, they could reject, reject and keep on rejecting nominees till the President sends a balanced jurist for the position. If the Dems don't then it will show again how broken beyond repair the two Party System is. Then let Brown vs. Bd. Of Ed. be overthrown; let women's choice be overthrown; let the trend toward deregulation continue - then the day will come, as with the Founding Fathers that conditions will be so intolerable that the masses will arise from their stupor and a new American Revolution will occur.

Electing Obama is like giving a pill for pain relief to a dying body.

Another good argument.

"If you want to pull the party—the major party that is closest to the way you're thinking—to what you're thinking, YOU MUST, YOU MUST show them that you're capable of not voting for them. If you don't show them you're capable of not voting for them, they don' listen to you. I promise you that. I worked within the Democratic Party. I didn't listen, or have to listen, to anything on the left while I was working in the Democratic Party, because the left had nowhere to go."
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