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Friday, June 27, 2008

An Appraisal of Obama's Platform

Plank by Plank

By Brother Tim, Blog of Revelation

I've decided to pre-empt my Saturday Quote of the Week with my analysis of Obama's Campaign Platform.

As I have said, Obama will, in all probability, get my vote this November. I loathe the term 'lesser of two evils', so will say, "It's a vote AGAINST McCain". It's a vote I will cast with a litany of reservations, caused by many unanswered questions.

I will examine Obama's platform in much the way I would survey (appraise) a wooden boat, plank by plank, fastener by fastener. I will examine each plank for soundness and integrity. The plank I'll start with, is the plank that is most important to me:

Plank No. 1 ----- The Iraq War

Obama has stated that he was adamantly against the war from the git-go. He made eloquent speeches about it on the floor of the Illinois Legislature in Springfield, and in many other venues. I find it troubling though, that since he took his seat in the U.S. Senate on January 4, 2005, he has consistently voted to fund the war. If there is one, sure-fire way to end the war, cutting off the funding is it.

If he voted, like most DINOs, out of fear of being called 'weak on terror' or 'not supporting the troops', then he is 'weak on leadership skills'. He, himself, has stated that America needs to be told the truth, even if it's an ugly truth; and a good President should have the intestinal fortitude to do that.

He promises to end the war in Iraq, but how and when, seem to be murky questions that are never fully answered. He says he will task the Pentagon and his Military Advisers to draw up plans for a withdrawal within 16 months. What, exactly, does that mean? This isn't a full withdrawal, as he has often stated that he would leave in place Trainers and Advisers, Forces to Combat al Qaeda, and Troops to Protect the Embassy and Other American Interests (isn't it ironic that the Western Big 4 Oil Companies just got there sleazy foot in the door to start taking control of Iraq's Oil Reserves?) So, exactly how many troops will that require? Another answer this eloquent speaker can't seem to muster.

The Troops he plans on leaving there probably represents 75-80% of what they're doing right now. This doesn't sound like ending the war to me, it sounds like re-defining it. And what about the civilian contractors, the private mercenary armies, that out-number our Military Personnel? Again, crickets chirping.

Dennis Kucinich was the only one to have the balls to say he would start a full withdrawal the day he took office, and the MSM and the DNC publicly castrated him for it, post haste.

Alors, I am left with the impression, that the war will be 'business as usual'. Yeah, he'll bring home a few thousand troops temporarily, but when the casualties start mounting, he will be forced to re-escalate.

The American people, Democrats in particular, want this war ended NOW, not in 1, 2, 3, or 4 years. Now, Senator, now! And completely! Where are those 'billions of war $' you plan on saving, going to come from, while you are still going to have to fund an 'occupation'?

Stop with the ambiguous, rhetorical BS, and give us some straight answers; even if they're ugly.

What say Y'all?

The next plank to be 'hammered' on: The Israeli Connection.

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Brother Tim

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