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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Surge: An 08 Election Ploy

A theory

The plan:

Dial back on fomenting civil war, ethnic cleansing and creating ethnic enclaves. Pay Sunni insurgents to cease attacks.

Announce a "surge" in troop levels and wait for Democrats to oppose it, due to pressures to de-escalate and withdraw among constituency.

Implement surge, knowing opposition will be for show only.

Create general impression that Iraq is "over," violence is down, progress, etc.

Attribute "success" to "The Surge!" (Hoo-wa!).

Hammer Democratic opponents as wrong on Iraq, disrespectful of brilliant generals and of troops on the ground, and bascially unable to win the war in Iraq and the "war on terror." (see: "I know how to win wars" line by McCain).

Whether by luck or design, the narrative is set, the trap sprung. (shades of 9/11, the "new Pearl Harbor").

Yet another example of the political advantages enjoyed by war demagogues.

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