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Friday, April 14, 2006

A hit of Christian mysticism

Good Friday experiment, a test conducted on Good Friday, 1962, at Boston University's Marsh Chapel by Walter Pahnke on a number of divinity students, to determine the usefulness of psilocybin for facilitating mystical experience. According to Pahnke, the experiment determined that "the persons who received psilocybin experienced to a greater extent than did the controls the phenomena described by our typology of mysticism."

-- wikipedia

Besides the fact that the Pahnke quote is, somewhat ironically but understandably, hard to read (to translate to street-speak: the people who dropped got waaay more into the mystic, maaan), what strikes me is how far we've traveled from this sense of exploration and optimism.

Ah, my Alma Mater! 2 years I lived with a direct view of Marsh Chapel - without the knowledge that the theology students had been tripping in it in 1962.
Hey Madperc!

Wild, huh?

You could probably feel the vibes though.
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