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Friday, January 13, 2006

Stop Me Before I Vote Again

I've discovered a great blog -- Stop Me Before I Vote Again


Dedicated to the deconstruction of the Democratic Party.

The American Left may not be much, but it won't be anything at all until it ditches the Democrats.

Within its pages, Michael J. Smith clears his throat and politely mentions that Democrats have become so addicted to their feckless role that they're completely incapable of representing the Left. He explains how this has come about in a chapter from his book "Stop Me Before I Vote Again".

In what I've read by him so far, having found him yesterday through a link at American Samizdat, he makes two points that have been espoused by progressive thinkers Harry and Frank: Democrats won't wake up until they see their constituency leaving in droves, and Democrats have abandoned one of their most potent pillars -- class warfare.

Tell your Democratic friends. Stop them before they vote again.

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