The River

Friday, November 04, 2005

Me: Just a burnout dude trying to make his way in a world that makes no sense.

Friend: Yep

IMs from the workplace


A promotion

Me: I got the job.
Co-worker: Congratulations! You deserve it.
Me: I never feel deserving, but I am grateful.
Co-worker: You kill me.
Me: What can I say? I was raised Catholic


A raise

Me: I got a raise!
Friend: Cool!
Me: They said 15 percent. I said, “I can’t cry about that.”


Cross-organizational support

Co-worker: Thanks!
Me: np
Co-worker: I appreciate you doing that for me.
Me: We’re too busy and too siloed, but we can’t let that stop us, can we?



Me: Troublemaker!
Co-worker: I know. I’ll shut up now.
Me: I hope you never do.

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