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Friday, October 22, 2004

Like a breath of fresh air

It's refreshing when you run across the truth.

Atrios writes:

It's a Good Thing Fareed Zakaria's Name Isn't "John Kerry"

On the Daily Show he just said, "[Iraq] had a good functioning government."

Zakaria thinks Saddam's government was good!

[and, yes, in context it was of course clear what he meant.]

And in the Haloscan comments, JD tells it straight:

What's your point. All Zakaria said was that we destroyed a functioning government and replaced it with chaos. Zakaria's not my favorite pundit but he's not wrong. Saddam was not Hitler. We have killed as many if not more Iraqis than he has if you count the years of sanctions. We sold Saddam the gas that he used on the Kurds. And in the name of so called freedom we have destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure, the culture, and the people. Who is the worse monster here? Zakaria is a rat deserting a sinking ship but he is only saying what he should have said last year before we attacked. As an American my conscience bothers me and no amount of denial is going to soothe me. First we have to destroy the monster within by fully facing the fact that we were wrong to go to war with Iraq. No excuses. The blowback from this will affect us and our children for generations to come. Get mad at Zakaria, George Tenet, even Richard Clarke or John Kerry, etc. for not speaking up sooner

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