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Thursday, June 03, 2004


found on The Smirking Chimp regarding the article 'He just f---s California': Enron traders caught on tape:

Ever wonder what the need for all this theivery?
Think about it. It's not just plain old capitalist greed. Oh, maybe for some. But the big fish KNOW some things we don't care to examine. We are heading for times SOON when food and water and shelter (e.g heat)... the basics, will be essentials of a by-gone era. They know they are going to need to build mega million dollar fortresses to protect their personal resources - resources that mean the difference between the folks who live and the folks who die. They don't intend to let a bunch of middle class and poor peons be the winners of this game. Two words. Peak oil.

And don't miss the comments by Billy Random over there too. A snippet:

anyway, fascinatingly, the enron scam hits... bush responds by smirking 'california should have made more power plants' and that those nasty tewwowist trees can be dealt with by opening national forests to loggers.... cool little scam, no?

entirely in character... nothing really changes scam to scam... set-up the distraction... make the hit, keep your tight circle of racketeers and conspirators mega rich and very quiet...

and start up the kill machine... here and abroad...

meanwhile keep everyone distracted with faux news and posturing... control the press... easy! someone on your cabinet has a kid... make him head of FCC! hahahahahhahaa

steal everything and quickly call someone a traitor if they say, 'don't!" or disagree...

fire the shock and awe guns when u need a diversion... or make a snuff vid and put it into the press cycle to stop the bad press of the torture scandals...

and move on...

Oh, and have you been reading Xymphora? He or she cuts through the political bs in short, no-nonsense posts. More snippage:

We're supposed to believe that Chalabi told the station chief of a very important office of "one of the most sophisticated" intelligence agencies in the Middle East that his code had been compromised, and the station chief reported the conversation to head office using the same code?

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