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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Random Notes
(or: Blogging for Blogging’s sake)

Whenever I bemoan my lack of job security, a good friend keeps reminding me that Haliburton is hiring.

I had an odd vision the other day. It was early morning. I was on the 6-lane highway on the way to work. The sun was coming up. Traffic was heavy but moving at a good pace. I was heading uphill so my horizon was limited. I had the strange feeling that there was nothing beyond the point at which the cars disappeared over the top of the incline. The cars in the six lanes to my left moving in the opposite direction were appearing out of the void at the edge of the horizon. It was all so smooth and mechanical. None of the other drivers seemed to notice. They were dreaming. The clouds were beautiful.

Things are heating up here at work. This could be a good thing for the blog. Or maybe not. It could go either way. Definitely a good thing for job security.

A lot of former readers don’t seem to come around anymore. But how would I know. Blogging with no tracking of any kind is a blind man in a lecture room. You take your cues from the amount of throat clearing and chair shuffling.

You can apply this to 90 percent of all schooling: The other day, my four-year-old daughter said, “I don’t think I’m learning anything at (pre)school. We just learn how to do crafts.” [not that it’s a bad thing, if parents and students are aware and fill in the gaps]

Read something good in the paper the other day. It was an article about a movie remake. The writer was quoting from the play Burn This by Lanford Wilson. The nugget, paraphrased here, was: it’s a fluke when Hollywood makes a good movie. It’s not supposed to happen. So they wait a while and then remake it fucked up like it’s supposed to be.

If I was a highway,
I'd stretch alongside you
I'd help you pass byways
That have dissatisfied you
If I was a highway,
Well I'd be stretchin'
I'd be fetchin' you home

-- If You Were a Bluebird, Butch Hancock

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