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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Kill your TV

It's not a pre-emptive strike, it's a long-overdue rebellion. Oh sure, it smiles and says, "you have not been mistreated." It offers a million in prizes (worth $20). Nevertheless, says The American Assembler, it is the enemy.

So that you can begin Knowing the Enemy, the fine editors over there have assembled a short, pointed essay:

Make no mistake, the true power in our country, in our world, is the broadcast media and the crony press corp they employ. They are the source of the power and the source of the corruption. George Bush could never have gained the presidency without the compliance of a corrupt press. His complete lack of qualifications for the job should serve as the ultimate marker of the failure of our entire system of governance. His presidency is the canary in the coal mine.

Of course a free, open and engaged press would not make our democracy perfect. But when the people are properly informed, they, on average, tend to make good decisions. This is why democracy works. Its also why the United States has the oldest standing government in the world.

So for us to win the fight against social injustice, environmental injustice, economic injustice, or any issue you want to address, we must first know who the real enemy is, and defeat that enemy first. We must see that George Bush is not the cause but the effect and realize that without attacking the root cause, all of our other battles will be in vain. The bottom line: we have to get our priorities straight.


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