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Friday, April 02, 2004

Good morning, blues

I normally don’t listen to NPR’s Morning Edition too much on the drive in to work. I flip over there at the top of the hour to get the headlines, but that’s usually about it. I’m either listening to a CD, WRFG’s Good Morning Blues program, or the sound of the road and the wind. I wrote about the weekday 6-10 a.m. blues show a while back.

This morning, the first thing Bob Edwards said after the intro music was “The White House says the 9-11 Commission has all the information it needs,” confirming for me what I already knew: The commission doesn’t have all the information it needs. It’s a good rule of thumb to flip anything the administration says and turn it back on them. They lie like rugs and project like crazy.

I hit the preprogrammed WRFG button quick. No sense getting worked up about those jackals, or the carefully maintained blindness of our major media outlets. Sinewy electric guitar blew away Edwards’ stupefied drone like a face full of cold water after a three-day bender. Do the Hip Shake, Baby. Yeah. DJ came on, but I didn’t catch the artist. Then he cued up a local band, Delta Moon.

The guitar slides in first, setting up a smoky, dark feel. The song is Wang Dang Doodle, and the band takes the party right though the heart of darkness. Automatic Slim, Razor-totin' Jim, Butcher knife-totin' Annie, Fast-talkin' Fannie and the Devil himself are invited. Gina Leigh’s soulful voice takes us through the dark to the promised land, while the guitar simultaneously stokes the flames and keeps us alive.

Yeah, this is one of those bands that can reach through your car speakers, the high fidelity system in your den, or, if you are so lucky, the amps in a nightclub, and redeem not only your own jaded soul, but that evil little grin of George W. Bush too. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. Hoooo! Hoooo!

I’m sure Joey P, who saw them while vacationing in St. Simons, Georgia, would agree. Here’s his review on the CD Baby site:
One minute I was falling asleep in our condo with the in-laws, the next minute my very cool father-in-law asked me to be his designated driver so he could "check out this band" he'd heard about. The two of us snuck out, leaving the women and kids fast asleep, and what a night we had. Cold beer and even better music. I have been around the musical block, and I immediately smelled "professinal" all over these guys (and gal...). The guitarists were tight as hell, and the drummer was all business, totally cool down to the tips of his brand new running shoes that were probably worn more for comfort than for striding out in early morning jogs. You just have to see this band live. As my father-in-law so aptly put it through his jack and coke induced slur, "these fuckers rock..."--and he rarely curses!

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