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Friday, March 26, 2004

Stages of my blogger life


There are a lot of smart people on line doing this blogging thing. It’s free, it’s easy, you don’t even have to know HTML. I could join the conversation.


But what should I say? What can I offer? I'm nobody.

The Offering

This is silly. It’s a blog for christ’s sake. George Bush seeks to plunge the world into chaos, and I’m worried about my blog? Life’s absurd, but it’s all we’ve got. It’s cool, funny, odd, and sometimes real serious. I’m serious here. It’s serious. Except when it’s not, thank God. I know you know what I mean.


What if they don’t know what I mean? What if nobody gets it?

Comments (to me)

Somebody cares! Somebody gets it! I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk: The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!


I am the best. It’s all about me! ME!.... (deep breath) *finally*.

Comments (to others)

“Hey, I said the same kinda thing on my blog yesterday. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.” (that’ll get’em over to my site, hehe)

The Zone

Whoooaa, good idea. (furious typing). Click. Damn, who wrote that? Me?

Letting Go

I can’t believe what’s happening to the world today. What is wrong with people? It’s because they’re reading their crappy newspaper and not reading me. What, they can’t handle the truth? Hosers. Hell, I’m even better than The New Yorker.


Fresh out of ideas. All my links are tired, or worse, blogged already somewhere else. I could do my own excerpt, give some credit with a little “via…” mmm…ahhh….argghhhh….maybe I should do some work? Nah…..woe is me, woe is blogging (yeah, go with it….typity type type….well, there’s another post….)

Metablogging II

I have this blogging thing figured out. It’s push button publishing for the people. Evan was right.

Metablogging + The Zone = Hits!

Hollleee shit. My little tribute to blogland got blogged all over the place. And double-digit comments! The promised land at last.


Blogs aren’t journalism? Hah, check this out. A full-fledged article. Quotes, attribution, inverted pyramid, the whole bit, plus that informal blogger feel. Blazing trails, baby. Read it and weep.

That Sinking Feeling

I’m sinking….no ideas, nobody cares…the world is still upside down and backwards, despite my best efforts. Feh!

A Breather

I need a break. I’m repeating myself. I grow weary, others fade to gray as well. The scenery never changes. (hey, there’s a post!)

The Hiatus

Yes, yes, brain, that’s a good idea, but I’m on hiatus. No, I don’t care that you’ve already written the first paragraph.

The Return

Uh oh, I’ve lost it.

The Nuclear Option

It’s over. This blog is shutting down. We gave it our best shot. Those were some heady days indeed. But I have no choice. Real life calls.

New Discoveries

Wow, it’s warm outside and quite colorful…’s….it’s (it’ll come to me)…it’s spring!

The Tug

If, just supposing…IF I started another blog, what should I call it?

(back to stage I)

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