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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Fraud Traced to the White House

A great report by Katherine Yurica. It starts with: "This story begins with the California energy crisis, which started in 2000..." and concludes:

This story ends as it began: with unrequited lies, deception and fraud. Three sentences inserted into the National Energy Policy report reveal: 1) the White House knew the California crisis was man-made; 2) knew the power companies were manipulating the market in California; 3) and knew these facts at the time the people of California were being fleeced by the scam; 4) yet the Bush White House did nothing to stop the fraud.

A special prosecutor should be appointed by Congress to investigate this whole matter as well as what Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney knew and when they knew it.


In between she lays out, through their own policy papers, including PNAC and the National Energy Policy, the truth behind not only the California "energy crisis" but also the ugly adventure to establish control of Middle East oil. Every one of these neocons should be in jail.

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