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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Movie Night

Did I say tasseled loafers? I meant bow tie.

Jesus Christ, what a tool this guy was. Tucker Carlson. I’d never heard of him before. See, with the exception of the net, I’ve grown increasingly unplugged. Anyway, I turn on the tube tonight. I had a movie but it wasn’t doin it for me. I’m kinda outa sorts anyway. The wife is away on a weekend trip, so I’m flying solo.

So I decide to look in after turning off the vid. Flip. Flip. Flip. Rick Moranis. Flip. Flip. Al Franken. Stop.

The show was Tim Russert CNBC whatever. First of all, how do people stand this shit. To get 8 minutes of decent content you have to sit through five 4-minute commercial breaks. Something like that. Seemed worse.

Anyhoo. Franken has his famous (or infamous, depending) book out, and apparently Mr. Carlson also has written a book. Lord have mercy, and I haven’t. Carlson’s is something like “I’m not partisan, just a sensible conservative, so here’s the unvarnished truth for once.” The actual title is a bit shorter, but you get the gist. Sort of a high-toned Bill O’Reilly. The “I would never lie or spin ANYTHING. Promise” song and dance.

Franken was excellent. I can’t think of one criticism. It’s not his fault that every time he had Carlson on the ropes, Russert would have to interrupt for a commercial break. It happened time and again. So he could have really slammed the sleazeball Carlson. Instead he just had him nervously adjusting his coffee mug, hair, and facial expression, sighing and shaking his head. Scoffing. Al finally had to point it out. Which was cool, because he did it in the same way that he caused the histrionics, by calmly pointing out the obvious.

Carlson’s rejoinders were tiresomely repetitive: You, Mr. Franken, are being partisan. Whereas, I myself, would never be partisan. I am very, very honest. Verily, I do say I am an honest man, so far above this, sniff…partisanship. And I wear a bow tie.

Of course, he’s counting on the fact that the sheep hammered in front of the tube won’t realize that an honest person would never take such a pure as the driven snow position.

Maybe you had to be there. It was funny. One of those strange anomalies.

Like a soldier with a rebellious streak a mile wide going through training for Vietnam. That’s the premise of Tigerland, which I watched last night (thanks for the tip and the loaner, Bert). Very tight film, one hour and 41 minutes. Ideal movie length, imho. Great performance by Colin Farrell, I think it is. Nice writing. Just well done all around. Joel Schumacher film, believe it or not. But hey, don’t condemn the reality of the present because of some preconceived notion or position of the past. That would be…ya know…less than honest.

UPDATE: FYI, Tigerland is on sale at Target for $5.99.

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