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Friday, January 05, 2007

Point, counterpoint

Sic Semper Tyrannis has an excellent political discussion cooking.

It’s full of insights into the ongoing elite entrenchment as their power fantasies collide with social realities, leading to domino-effect catastrophes.

The discussion flows from a post by Walrus, who says pulling out of Iraq would mean, “A decade of soul searching and reform about the electoral system, the media, campaign finance, lobbying and similar issues will occur - sharply reducing the powers of the current ruling class to manipulate Americans so easily.”

He concludes that since the neocons treasure public manipulation slightly more than Gollum treasured The Ring, they will surge escalate the war in Iraq and eventually bomb Iran.

Some posters point out that once the smoke clears, failure will be blamed on the “lack of will behind the plan.” The media will sell the sacrifices (cough) as having been worth it, in any case. Business is booming and the gravy train will be stopping in your neighborhood any day now.

Ali's comment is brilliant. He's right that the role of the neocons is over-emphasized. Max Sawicky called them pseudo-intellectual blowhards ;-) I agree. They provide fashionable spin for the power freaks. It's not even original spin. As Ali said, Woodrow Wilson would recognize his children.
it's to be hoped that some day all this will be seen for what it is ... an ongoing charade aimed at ensuring that as little changes with the current set-up as possible. It requires everyone to stay more or less on-topic ... any real pattern interruption will look like terrorism of some sort.
indeed. It's a desparate, pathetic and horrific descent into the unconscionable to stop status-quo-threatening change and progress.
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