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Friday, August 18, 2006

It bears repeating

I've learned a lot about both Israel and the United States in the last five years -- most of which I fervently wish I didn't know. I learned very quickly in the wake of 9-11 that the neoconservatives in the US claim an ideological right -- the Zionists in Israel a theological right -- to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want, and those who question their increasingly bloody aggression are labeled "anti-American" or "anti-Semitic." Those who protest are ostracized from both religious and patriotic society (not to be confused with "civilized" society) and are immediately bombarded with ridicule and vicious ad hominems. Some receive death threats. Some receive death.

I learned that there is a vast difference between Jews, or people of Israel, and the warmongering Zionists who control the state of Israel, just as there is between most American citizens and the cowardly neo-fascist chickenhawks who control the United States. The people of both regimes cry out against the barbaric genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated in their name -- they shriek, they march in protest, but the world media pushed the "mute" button long ago, and no sound emerges from the weeping masses. As these two "democracies" force their way across the Middle East, it's as if Charles Manson is stalking the innocent with a mad dog on a leash. Neither can be reasoned with, and no living creature in their path is safe. But it is easy to tell where they've been, because the landscape is littered with rotting corpses of innocent men, women and children, with mass graves and displaced millions fleeing for their lives.


By the way, have you read The Sheds yet? It's only 19 pages.

At your prodding, yes. Reminded in part of David Lynch with a twist of Todd Solondz. Thanks for the prod.
A short while later I wondered, "Where does Scott Simon's soul go in the interval between empathically talking Mideast horrow with an NPR reporter, and interestedly chatting up tennis at Wimbeldon."
would that be the horror of TERRORISMtm?

bombs, of course, are the answer. Bomb them.

Who wrote this bloody script? It's the worst I've ever seen, and that includes Snakes on a Plane. Hence the desire to check in on Wimbledon, I guess. Although, if your soul is intact, perhaps it's the desire to read some good literature.

glad you appreciated the story. Reminded me of the Twilight Zone, which did have some great scripts, as I recall.
I was reminded of Shirley Jackson by Vada's tale. The characters were almost, but not quite, caricatures and it has the same hopeless quality as The Lottery. Not an easy place to go for a writer, at any time, but especially when writing about topical events. Reconstruction, one of Thivai Abhor's projects, might be a place for it. Thivai is always looking for good contemporary writers. No money in it, of course, but no soul-sucking action either.
Yes, the prod was good.

Great stuff!

Thanks for the link.
Whoaa...Is this about Charlie or Freddie. There's so much information here that my hard drive is draggin. I'm gonna delete a buncha files, defragment, and read this link again...Excellent post.

good thoughts... good words... good deeds
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