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Friday, July 01, 2005


I just posted a World Socialist Web piece with the following: "The Socialist Equality Party calls for the development and building of a new independent mass movement against war and social reaction."
And now I see Harry (UPDATE: er...I mean MK) is thinking mass movement too.

He points to a Black Commentator piece called It's Time to Build a Mass Movement.

Anytime Bush gives a speech it tends to prompt a "holy shit, I really must do something about this" moment. For me, this usually takes the form of fantasizing about moving out of the country. But I'm all for a mass movement. We need a Rosa Parks moment...

UPDATE: then again, I agree with the following sentiment from Jon Husband: "This will be the last blog post I make on political issues with respect to the giant headlock which the United States has applied to the Middle East. I am sorely tempted ... often ... but have very slowly and even more grudgingly come to believe that it JUST DOESN"T MATTER.

Hundreds of thousands .. nay, millions ... of people can point out all the lies, the blatant manipulation of language, values, laws and the machinery of society ... and it all just keeps on going and growing."


What to do, what to do about...
Clusterfuck Nation, formerly known as America...

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