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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry concedes


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Did that adequately express what everybody (meaning 99.9 percent of this site’s readers) is feeling?

Of course the vote was fixed. People are ignorant, but they aren’t THAT ignorant.

Kerry was no great prize, but he wasn’t right wing fundamentalist nutjob. Damnit.

No way all that energy, new voters, etc. generated more homophobic, religious crusade fucktards at the polls than it did Americans pissed off at Bush’s hideous four years.

Right? (tell me I’m right)

My plan? A step at a time. First Oregon or Washington, then Western Canada.

It’s been very touching the way Eleanor has shown an interest in the election. A few days ago she asked me to set up a voting booth in her room. I put a quilt across the footboard of Audrey’s bed and the middle of Eleanor’s. Eleanor made sure I put a small baby blanket over the “voting booth” opening that I had created, because she knew that ballots are secret. She set up two square, empty tissue boxes inside, next to two step stools. Next to the boxes were pieces of felt. She pointed out which box was Bush’s and which was Kerry’s and instructed me to put a piece of felt into the appropriate box .

So we had a mock election. I had to point out to Eleanor that she needed to verify that I was who I said I was. She made a sign-in sheet and pretended to check my ID before I went in the booth. I voted Kerry. So did Leigh and Eleanor and Audrey. It wasn’t even close in our household.

I talked with my wife on the phone a few minutes ago. She gave me the news, that Kerry had conceded in what was, sadly, a close election. She said that when she dropped Eleanor and Audrey off at school this morning, Eleanor had said she hoped the man we voted for would win.

Somehow, he didn’t.

I weep for my country.

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