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Friday, August 06, 2004

Monstrous Possibility

We know that in the assassination of President Kennedy, Oswald did not act alone.

Likewise, in the felling of the Twin Towers in New York City, Al Qaeda did not act alone. It is clear that they must have had help. You don’t get investigations into your activity obstructed by high-powered officials, you don’t get everyone through airport security, you don’t fly hijacked planes around for well over an hour unmolested, you don’t expertly guide jumbo jets into office towers with minimal training -- unless you have help from within the establishment of the country.

Similarly, you don’t deny federal agencies a chance to study the remains of the Twin Towers site, you don’t stall any investigation into the catastrophe for years until forced to by the public, you don’t, finally, testify behind closed doors for an hour or so, you don’t publish pre-9/11 policy documents that see public acceptance of pre-emptive wars, Iraq specifically, as contingent upon a “new Pearl Harbor” -- unless you have means, motive, and opportunity to allow the attack and you want to hide that fact, notwithstanding your hubris in publishing same to your peers.

We know that most would rather play along with the fiction, we know that a certain percentage of the population will give into the power fantasies fed them, we know that there’s good and bad and life goes on – but damn, we have to accept monstrous possibility.


In any case, those are my thoughts upon reading of a senator who is questioning the 9/11 Commission report, Dayton: FAA, NORAD hid 9/11 failures:

Dayton told reporters that he skipped festivities at the Democratic National Committee Tuesday night and sat in his hotel room until 2:30 a.m. reading the commission report. After piecing together the section about the FAA and NORAD, he said, he could not fall asleep.

And upon reading Inspector Lohmann’s post quoting George Monbiot:

A similar clampdown is taking place all over the world. The US Patriot Act, passed by Congress before any representative had read it, allows the state to treat dissenting citizens as if they were members of Al Qaida. For the past three years, the European Union has been seeking to reclassify the protesters who travel to European gatherings as terrorists. This is the contract the powerful have struck with each other: to agree to a single set of neoliberal policies, and to criminalise all those who seek to challenge them.

And upon reading the thread The Strategy of Tension at Guerilla News Network, including remarks from "Contingency":

Rasputin told me his posts were building a context for the reader to understand how the 9/11 acts of terrorism were, like all the other examples listed, sponsored by state-coporate-covert power. I agree totally, but I added that 9/11 should also be seen as symptomatic in general of what's wrong in our societies too.

It's not so much that alien, shadowy, incomprehensible forces were behind the attacks. The energies behind the attacks most likely come from the most accepted, established pillars of our societies (the ones with the most to lose and gain). Both they and the masses are complicit in denying this. Few want to seriously consider that there's a Jungian "shadow" or Freudian 'id' that is an integral part of overt society in general, and vital in making it work.


They slept and they slept, and if something disturbed their sleep, someone would whisper ‘conspiracy’ and the people would go back to sleep.

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