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Monday, February 09, 2004

The Shit:

Oh, goodie. Sounds like the incident with "Ms. Jackson" might be just the thing that FCC chairman Michael Powell needs to fuel support for his radio censorship crusade. I even heard something on NPR today about the possibility of the FCC extending it's "content control" to include cable programming.

Of course everyone is screaming about "protecting the children". Hundreds of shootings, stabbings, beatings, and other acts of brutality are depicted on television every single week during prime-time - where's the outrage over that? But let one errant breast pop out on television and the Morality Gestapo go on a rampage. (And tell me that children across the country didn't hear Dad - and Dad's buddies - screaming profanities at the television set throughout the game.)

Imagine what could be accomplished if Americans actually spent time getting over things that really are offensive - like hunger and poverty and disease and the erosion of civil liberties and imperialism. Could you imagine the renaissance that would take place in this country if we got angry enough to confront real issues that affect real people? It's like evangelist Tony Campolo has been known to say from the pulpit: "30,000 children are going to die today from hunger and preventable disease and you don't give a fuck ... and you're more upset that I just said 'fuck' than you are about those 30,000 children." Fuck a bare breast. A bare breast isn't going to scar your child for life - and if you think it does, then you need to have your parenting license revoked. The American bombs that are being dropped on Iraqi homes, on the other hand, those fuckers are scarring the shit out of an entire generation of Iraqi children. Imagine if those were your shell-shocked children, huddled together in a bomb-scarred shell of a house. Imagine if those were your children who were seeing, not a bare breast, but the blood-soaked corpse of their best friend lying in the street.

Fuck your pathetic fake indignation, America, and fuck you, too. Great site. check it out.

via doc menlo on samizdat

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