The River

Friday, February 06, 2004

Dear Mr. Unknown Democrat:

I want to know one thing and one thing only: Will you put a stop to the military-industrial-corporate-pharmaceutical-entertainment complex? Will you name and banish the thieves of our wealth, our lives, our hopes, and our aspirations?

Make this pledge, and others will sign on. Others will show up. Others will be counted.

I am not cynical, Mr. Unknown Democrat. I believe change is possible. Therefore, I am an agent of change. For my acts, large or small, will follow my beliefs.

I believe America, like any country, is full of fantastic, amazing, good people. People of much higher quality and integrity than myself. I believe I, and millions like me, are waiting for some kind of sign: Rise up and walk. The door has been opened. Take strength from me, so that I may take strength from you.

Take the pledge, choose the path, expose each and every lie, and watch as recognition leaps from eye to eye, as the fire of inspiration consumes the ossified cage of command and control.

Mr. Unknown Democrat, are you ready to lead? Do it truly and selflessly, and look out. You will have the strongest army of all time, one based on our deepest desires -- to progress rather than regress, to give and receive rather than manipulate and steal, to embrace rather than strike, and to love with all the courage one can muster.

Great leaders have assumed this challenge in the past. Will you accept the mantle?

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