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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chris Floyd:

Thus Sprach Barack: Pouring Acid on Gaza's Wounds


Now we can see why Obama kept silent on Gaza while Bush was still in the White House: because he held precisely the same views as Bush on the subject. There is nothing in Obama's statement that could not have been said -- or was not actually said -- by Bush. You couldn't slide a piece of onion-skin paper between the stances of the two men on Gaza.


A more eloquent Bush with a free ride from the Left is not a good thing.

Okay. How about a 'happy' post? I mean, this stuff is depressing - true, but depressing...
New President, same depressing shit. We can't keep being Israel. 9/11 was designed (by Zionists and Neocons) to more closely bind Israeli and American aggression in the M.E. But Israel is isane. And so is America. Peas in a fucking pod.

Doesn't Obama know that Afghanistan is where Empires go to die?
A 'more eloquent Bush'? I s'pose it's a quality I missed in Dubya, but it's too late now :).

Reading Putin's speech to the hoipaloi at Davos is an antidote to all this depressing stuff, Bruce. The Russian PM, in his usual, understated manner, really hammers it home by way of saying "G'day, Mr. Obama. Welcome to the 'hood."

'putin speech davos' should bring it up on Google or an engine that does no evil. Must say, I've yet to come across one, but that's beside the point ...

And check out James Petras's latest article on what he calls the 'Zionist Power Configuration'. I can't fault its bias -- it's straight, down-the-line stuff.

But then, you've probably read this stuff ... being into 'happy posts' and all ...
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