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Friday, June 13, 2008

Drunken Monkey Style Blogging


The Commentary

I have been gone. I went away. I couldn't handle it anymore. The lies the deception. The sheep. And all the little lambs being led to slaughter in this country or that so I could eat a chocolate bar, or drive a bigger truck.

But I was never truly away in spirit. All too often I have hurled invective across the house at the drivel running out of the telecasters smilling face. How dare they affront my reason and sanity by saying one thing today when they spent the last eight years telling me an entirely different story. Memory hole my ass. Americans don't forget. They just give up expecting concepts like truth and justice can be found in either politics or the media. Because after all both are nothing more than circuses. And old P.T told us that there's a sucker born every day. So how do we blame the clowns if we're the ones supporting the circus by going to it?

But I do blame. Because it's human? Maybe. Because it's helping anything? Hardly. No, I think I blame because if I didn't the steam would pop my head off my neck as the politicians told me another bold faced lie that only an idiot would believe. Which means they think we are all idiots, and the only ones who aren't either work for them and are in the know, or don't count. STIMULUS PACKAGE!!! HA! They ain't saving this country from a recession. With all their talk of competing globally in a global market they have gone and done deluded themselves into believing the lies they were feeding us. We will slip and slide into recession depression whatever. Mexicans will start returning home or heading North to Canada. More and more of America will start looking like Detroit because the working poor can't afford to move nor fix up the hovels they live in on the poor wages they make in between lay offs.

Which leads me to saying I'm out of work. Heck I've been in and out of work a few times these last months. Work was fine while it was there. When there wasn't any more work I was let out at the park to chase the ball into the woods. When I came back, no one was there. They had left me. Then they took me back. Then they left me again. So I found someone else. But he was a real bastard who exploited the fact the job market is so depressed by treating his help like crap and paying most of the illegals far under par of what working wages should be. Welcome to America after eight years of George Bush. How's that trickle down theory working out for ya now? Assholes.

I gotta tell you who I think should be the Democrats choice for our next president. Why? Because everyone else in the whole damnded country is telling you what they think and it's my turn. So sit down and read what I think. I think they all suck royally. Hillary? Sorry voted for the war before against. La da Washington insider who lies to our faces by saying veiled things like she'd bring as many troops home as she could right away. Which means the ones they decide don't need to be there to protect the oil. Obama said it. All combat forces. A lie by omitting he'd leave protective forces to "safe guard the Iraqi's interest". *chuckle* And Edwards said the same slop. Not a one of them is a shade lighter or darker than another when it comes to their real politics. And they all preach a good sermon. But the sermons are all old ones that turned out to be wrong ones that they have recycled to feed us once again. And if America once again bends over and eats of the vomit spewed forth from Washington and the Media will we not be proving Einstein right. That only the insane do the same failing thing over and over and over expecting a different result. Such is America. Such are our politics. The same lies over and over rehashed and constituted to be palatable to a new generation who believes their vote makes a difference in which corporate controlled goon fleeces the public this term. So maybe what I am saying is a good start to insuring we get the best candidate for the job is to shoot everyone in Washington associated with politics and appoint some poor slob to run things under threat that if we find him doing anything sneaky we'll string him up like Saddam. But that's just an opinion voiced friviously. I'm allergic to bullets, teargas, and long stints of incarceration. So I was just joking about hat other thing. MmmmmmK NSA? But you know that somewhere there is an agent who is shaking his head laughing because he thinks it'd be a great idea as well. But how do we broach it to our superiors? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Which leads me to the police state that is America. The old guard knowing a new guard is coming into office. Into place. A new generation not soo troubled about drum circles and pot smoking and women runnin round near naked. Well they fear this time of transition. It makes em wet the bed in fear we'll elect Satan as our next president. That sex education will be taught in the womb. That people will clone them when they are old and do all sorts of terribly naughty things to their bodies that aren't their bodies that it gives them the most unpleasant sweaty dreams. They fear that the new generation will do in the light of day what they have been doing in the dark restroom stalls of airports all across America. Now history will show me right on this is many ways. One being the economy itself. At very regular levels the economy has turned down on ten year cycles that coincide with new guard replacing old guard. And with each cycle we see a push to stack the courts with hard liners to insure the old ways live on. Well this is soon going to be 2010. While we all floated into 2000 with an upbeat economy and much festivities, we didn't have to face the transition of the new millenium because as of yet there weren't any real changes. Just a few letters on that check stub. Couple of numbers in the newspapers. Well now we not only have to wake up and clean up the mess of our little millenium party, but deal with the bills due with the coming new decade. Will the old guard slide out quietly allowing for the new to take on the tasks at hand withut a fight or will they go kicking and screaming with all the venom only the soon to be forgotten can muster? I still think it'd save us all alot of time and pain if we started shooting them all. Yeah? Yeah? Dammit. Well at least my NSA guy agrees with me.

Well thats enough for now. I'm sure there's plenty more crap trapped behind my ears but it'll wait. I'm not going out to dig up any of the old stuff, games, pictures, jokes, ect. It was another reason I stopped for so long. This became a real full time job. And only A listers can afford that crap. Z listers like me have to figuire out how to eat tonight. Often alot more important than typing on a blog. Ta.

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